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Courtney Jensen

Acoustic Dojo

All songs written by me. The electric-sounding guitars in Gremlin, Perfect Day, Wasted Days, For Keeps, and The Inconvenience of Courting a Beautiful Girl are acoustics with pedals (or pushed through a ring modulator or whatever). The e-bow hum isn't an e-bow; it's a tuner. The electric-sounding guitars in Inkwell and End with Me are electric (sorry). My brother wrote and played the lead guitar on Leaving Stockton. Lum sang back vocals on that one. My brother also played two of the guitar parts on Glass Dust Test Riff. I wrote them, but they sounded better with my brother was doing the plucking. Start with Me: 10december2016. Perfect Day: 1september2012. Saint Peter's Windsock: 1may2013. Aparts and Latelys: 4april2014. Inkwell: 16june2016. Leaving Stockton: 14february2012. Glass Dust Test Riff: 20july2013. For Keeps: 25april2014. Paper Sun: 5february2009. Morning Song: 28february2010. Penny Arcade: 1may2013. Threadbare: 16june2016. Gremlin: 25june2011. Forgiveness: 31october2013. Pipe Dream: 25december2010. Stasis: 20july2013. Wasted Days: 8december2013. Promise Me: 20february2011. Inconvenience of Courting a Beautiful Girl: 11november2011. End with Me: 10december2016.