thoughts and drafts by

Courtney Jensen


Monster (second try)....Monster (first recording)

This Will Kill That (second try)....This Will Kill That (first recording)

When I'm You (second try)....When I'm You (first recording)

....... Stuck in a Daydream (first version)
....... Caught in the Still Frame (second version)
....... Caught in the Still Frame (third version)

Lost Balloons (second try)....Lost Balloons (first recording)

All five songs were recorded on an Olympus handheld voice memo recorder, meaning I get one track with terrible quality to lay the whole song down. Monster was written and recorded (in ten minutes) on 4sept2012. (One minute to come up with the melody, two minutes for lyrics, tuned the guitar, and recorded it twice.) This Will Kill That was mostly written on 5sept2012. Then I changed some of the lyrics and recorded it (twice) on 9sept2012. This one took more than ten minutes. When I'm You: 26oct2012. Also more than ten minutes. A few-ish days. Caught in the Still Frame: 19nov2012. Lost Balloons: 25august2013. Wrote it in half an hour then recorded it twice. I'd offer more commentary about the songs, but nobody cares.