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Courtney Jensen

2016 Lectures (Audio)

Research Methods (Spring, 2016):

Principles of Exercise Physiology (Fall, 2016):

December 16, 2016. Note to students in the morning section. Second to last class of the semester (and my second-and-better attempt at a sorority squat... among more DGs). Kendall: What happened to your lights? Ray: Where's your holiday spirit? Carla: Those were serious(!) breakfast burritos. I promise I'm coming soon. Everyone: That morning hour can get rough. You all un-roughened it an awful lot. Come visit me on occasion. I'd visit you but you don't have an office. And it'd be weird if I knocked on your bedroom door. Okay, enjoy your breaks.

December 16, 2016. Note to students in the afternoon section. Final class of the calendar year... and my favorite way to end a semester: Nathaniel climbed down off the beanstalk to carry me like a bride. And Megan hid her face so nobody would know she was Magica De Spell. (Your secret identity is clearly unsafe with me.) Everyone: Thanks for being so wonderful. I'd put you all in my will but I don't think anyone wants a couple shirts. It would just be a hassle to collect your prize (or whatever it's called). All right, massive heaps of affection.

No recording for Lectures 30 or 31.

Muscle Physiology (Fall, 2016):

December 11, 2016. Note to students. A little more practice with the sorority squat, maybe some work on my shoulder mobility (so I can deliver a respectable salute), and I think I'll be ready to rush Delta Gamma in the spring. Okay, maybe I'm sort of bulky with 36-year-old man features, but, I mean, my name is "Courtney." That doesn't really scream "Y chromosome." I'm thinking there's an eligibility loophole in there somewhere.

I'm joking... obviously (kind of). Much more importantly, this: Thanks for a great semester, everyone pictured. Life got a bit rough at the end and you were all wonderful. I appreciate each of you a great deal, I hope you enjoy your breaks (while being ridiculously productive), and I'll see you around next semester. Stop by my office on occasion to chat.

Kind (shimmering, squatty) regards,

An aspiring DG

All lectures were given by me (faculty profile: www.pacific.edu/Academics/Schools-and-Colleges/College-of-the-Pacific/Academics/Departments-and-Programs/Health-Exercise-and-Sport-Sciences/Our-Faculty/Courtney-Jensen.html) at University of the Pacific in the Health and Exercise Science Department.